Saturday, March 31, 2012

Zombie Birthday Cake

Ok, so this isn't actually a recipe post..  My son just turned 5 and he's very into Power Rangers & Scooby Doo.  He's been saying for a while that he wanted a zombie cake.  I'm thinking, "where am I going to get that??  I couldn't imagine trying to find it at the usual places (Sam's Club, Walmart, etc)!  Then I realized I have this amazing cousin, Tamie!  I'm so jealous of her talents, but she's an awesome woman!  She made my brother's wedding cake and it was beautiful!  So, I asked her..  she said she'd do it and the only directions I gave her (since, like I said, I have zero talent for this type of thing) were to make it really cool and 5 year-old friendly.  This is what she came up with!

I could not believe what she brought to my house!  It was awesome!  A perfect cake for a little boy (or girl) who is, for whatever reason, obsessed with zombies! Notice how the zombies are coming up from the "ground", and it's all edible!

The cake itself was what I like to call ah-mazing!!  It was a three-layer peanut butter & jelly cake.  Now, I know this sounds kinda gross.. But it was so tasty!  The idea was to use a red jelly and when cut into, it resembled blood.. Kinda twisted, I know, but fun!  It didn't really have a lot of the jelly in it and the idea was actually lost on the little ones, so don't worry.  But the flavor was like nothing I imagined!  I will eat the occasional PB&J sandwich, but couldn't imagine it as a cake.. Little did I know! 
Definitely a great idea, great for Halloween, too! 

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  1. +JMJ+

    What an amazing cake! I like that the inside reflects the zombie theme as much as the outside. Red jelly as blood is so creative! I've had peanutbutter cakes before, but not peanutbutter and jelly cakes; so I'll take your word that the combination is truly scrumptious. =)